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Advantages of Electronic Publishing

Publishing documents on a server such as ArchiMeD, Mainz University's server for electronic academic publications, has many advantages for authors, scientists and academics. Positve effects may include:

  1. Only low costs are involved - as opposed to handing in printed copies or the publication with a publishing house.

  2. Speedy publication is possible. Your document is immediately accessible through the internet. Time-consuming inter-library loans are no longer necessary. Since your thesis is available internationally, it contributes to a world-wide interconnection of the latest research in your field.

  3. Electronic publishing offers various conceivable forms of presentation. Apart from texts, pictures, and graphics it is possible to include audio recordings, videos, animation, simulations, computer programs, etc.

  4. Research possibilities include direct search for author, title, year of publication, keywords, abstract, or full-text search of the electronic document.

  5. Immediate access to other electronic documents published online for verification of references and quotations is possible.

  6. Publications will be catalogued in our database according to established library record standards in order to facilitate research.

  7. Since these documents are archived under a permanent internet address, long-term research availability on the internet is ensured.

  8. Documents archived on ArchiMeD, the server for electronic academic publications, will automatically be made available for research in other catalogues, search engines, and portals for academic publications.

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