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ArchiMeD's Goals and Guidelines

ArchiMeD, Mainz University Library's database service for academic writings, follows these goals and guidelines:


Through ArchiMeD, Mainz University Library offers students and scholars at Mainz University the possibility to publish scientific and scholarly documents electronically on the internet. Ours goals are to:

  • offer one centralised certificate for electronic academic publications at Mainz University
  • guarantee access to these documents
  • meet established quality standards of certification and provision of these documents

These quality standards include:

  • registration of bibliographical, technological and content-researchable meta-data according to established library standards
  • provision of permanent URN-addresses for full-texts
  • reliable provision of documents for a period of at least 5 years
  • long-term archiving of documents in co-operation with the German Library (Deutsche Nationalbibliothek)
  • certification of documents in comprehensive library catalogues and search engines
  • integration of this service in national and international projects

Requirements for Electronic Documents

Any document to be published with ArchiMeD meets the following requirements:

  • The document has been saved in digital form on a data storage device and can be made available for access through computer networks
  • The document is intended to be made available to the general public
  • The document is the finished product. Changed electronic documents will be saved individually as new versions/editions
  • In terms of format the document is in keeping with the University Library's technological requirements

Types of Documents

ArchiMeD makes it possible to publish the following types of documents:

  • any Mainz University dissertation
  • any Mainz University Habilitation
  • any Mainz University Diplom thesis, Magister thesis, master thesis, if suggested by a faculty member

Services provided by the University Library

A publication with ArchiMeD comes with the following services:

  • you can submit your electronic document through the publication interface of our server
  • your document will be securely stored
  • your document will be catalogued according to established library record standards
  • your document will be provided with of a permanent internet address
  • your document will be presented and made available on ArchiMeD, Mainz University's server for electronic academic publications
  • additionally, your document will be registered with other local, regional, and national catalogues
  • we offer help with questions related to this matter

For authors, these services are free of charge.

Additional Services

Additional services are prone to individual arrangement. There may be fees involved.

Mainz University's Centre for Data Processing (Zentrum für Datenverarbeitung) and Human Resources Department (Personalfortbildung und -entwicklung) offer workshops/courses and advice on creating electronic documents.

Limited Publication

The publication of any document cannot be limited in terms of space or time.

Rights of Authorship, Copyrights, Exploitation Rights

The authors' rights of authorship, their copyrights as well as their exploitation rights are ensured. Publication with ArchiMeD, Mainz University's server for electronic academic publications, does not restrict further publication in scholarly journals, monographs, or even other electronic systems.

Authors and/or editors of documents are responsible for third party's compliance to rights of authorship, copyrights and exploitation rights. Several publishers permit parallel publishing on full-text servers such as ArchiMeD. If you are unsure about how your publisher handles copyrights, but still want to publish documents with ArchiMeD, please find further information in the list of publishing houses of the SHERPA project (Securing a Hybrid Environment for Research Preservation and Access).

A written statement ("Erklärung") between authors and the University Library regulates rights and responsibilities.

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