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Online-Registration of a Document: Instructions

In order to publish a document in ArchiMeD, please go through the following steps. Please read these instructions carefully. If you have further questions, please contact us.


Online-Registration of Your Document


Before you begin with your online-registration, please go through the following preparatory steps:

Adapt and Format the Electronic Version of Your Document

Please transform the final version of your document into an electronic text. This electronic text must meet the requirements listed below. In order to meet the standards of confidentiality and privacy, these requirements differ in terms of form from the specifications of a printed copy stipulated in the respective exam regulations (Prüfungsordnung).

Please note: As soon as your document has been published on this server, changes are no longer possible.

  • File format: Your document should consist of one file only, in PDF-format. In case parts of your document cannot be saved as a PDF-file, please create an additional ZIP-file. In this ZIP-file, please include the document file and those parts that cannot be saved in PDF-format.
  • Size of your document: The size of your document should not exceed 150 MB. In case it does, please contact the University Library's Dissertation Reception Desk prior to the online-publication.
  • Layout: The pagination of your PDF-file should be congruent with the pagination of your printed version. Graphics, tables, diagrams, and photos must be easily discernible. Please make sure that these files containing graphics use only little disk space (i.e., small filesize), since electronic publishing does not require the same high resolution as is needed for printing. Nevertheless, fonts, formulas and quotations in foreign languages need to be clearly legible.
  • Confidentiality and privacy: Those parts of your document that might prove critical in terms of their publication in electronic networks cannot be included in the PDF-version of your document. This includes naming third parties, e.g. in the acknowledgements, or naming advisors (Gutachter), second advisors (Zweitgutachter), or deans (Dekane).
    Personal data concerning you (e.g. your résumé) can be treated as follows:
    • If you do not want to give your consent to the publication of these data on the internet, please create your PDF-version without including this information.
    • If you agree to the publication of these data on the internet, please create your PDF-version including this information. In the course of handing in your document you will be asked to sign a statement of consent concerning this matter.

Apply for Access Code

For security reasons you will need to provide explicit identification in order to register your document online. The Dissertation Reception Desk will issue an access code that you can order by email or phone:
Phone: (+49 6131) 39-24572 or 39-22643

Provide Number of Printed Copies According to the Specifications (Dissertations and Habilitationen only)

When you intend to publish your dissertation or Habilitation with ArchiMeD, it might be necessary to hand in additional printed copies for the University Library. Please consult this overview and your department's dissertation regulations (Promotionsordnung) for details.

Prepare Abstracts and Keywords for the Registration Form

The registration form contains fields for including abstracts and keywords in German and English.

This information will make it easier to find your document in a research process. Please select the information for these fields carefully - the University Library will not edit these fields.

Some departments explicitly require abstracts in their dissertation regulations (Promotionsordnung).

Online-Registration of Your Document

Having completed your preparations, you can now begin with registering your document online. Please note that you can upload exam theses only after the date of your final exam.


You start your publication process on our server by following the link Online-Registration of a Document (Online-Anmeldung eines Dokuments). The form "Publishing with ArchiMeD" ("Veröffentlichen mit ArchiMeD") asks you for initial settings that are relevant for the ensuing process. You can choose the type of document, number of authors, and number of departments.

Then you start the registration process by clicking on the "Login"-button. Now you will be asked to enter your access code.

Go Through the Checklist

If your document is an exam thesis (dissertation, Habilitation, Diplom thesis, Magister thesis, master thesis), you will now go through a checklist. With the help of the requirements mentioned in the checklist you can make sure that your document will meet the formal requirements. These requirements will be checked by the University Library's Dissertation Reception Desk.

Only documents meeting the requirements stipulated by the checklist will be accepted for archiving. Therefore, please double-check each individual point and confirm this by ticking the appropriate box. The registration process will only be continued after you have confirmed every point on the checklist.

To preview the list of criteria for your checklist, please click on one of the following links:

Checklist Dissertation/Habilitation

Checklist Diplom thesis, Magister thesis, Master thesis

Fill in Your Registration Form - Step 1

The registration form contains the bibliographical data of your document and the abstract you have prepared. In case of further questions, please refer to the FAQ-section (Hilfetexte). To complete this step, click on the "Registration"-button ("Anmelden"-button).

Double-check Your Registration Form - Step 2

After you have posted the registration form, you can double-check the data you have entered in step 1. In case of faulty entries you can use your browser's "Back"-button to return to the online-registration form; here, you can correct faulty entries.

Document Upload - Step 3

To upload, you copy your electronic document from your terminal's hard disc and transfer it to the ArchiMeD-server. You can

  • either upload a single PDF-file,
  • or upload a single PDF-file together with a ZIP-file.

Print Granting of Rights (Licence) - Step 4

After the upload has been completed you will see the Granting of Rights (Licence) (Einräumung der Rechte) on your screen. This Granting of Rights arranges the legal aspects of authorship, copyrights and exploitation rights in the context of archiving your document. Please print this text. Preview of the licence (translation of the original document).

Obtain a Statement of Recommendation from Your Supervisor (for Diplom Thesis, Magister Thesis and Master Thesis)

If your document is either a Diplom thesis, Magister thesis, Master thesis, please hand the 'statement of consent' (Einverständnis-Erklärung) to your supervisor. In a sub-clause provided for this purpose, your supervisor will have to recommend the publication of your document with ArchiMeD.

Hand in Statement of Consent at the University Library

Please hand in a signed copy of the Statement of Consent at the University Library's Dissertation Reception Desk. In case your document is a dissertation or Habilitation, please hand the copy in along with the specified number of printed copies at the University Library's Dissertation Reception Desk.

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